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Respiração mãe/bebé, salva vida!

Aqui fica um testemunho de uma professora de yoga para grávidas e bebés, que utilizou a sua respiração para salvar a vida do seu bebé:

My son Warwick was born on 27th May this year but unfortunately had a very traumatic entry into the world. He had developed meningitis during labour and got very distressed and swallowed copious amounts of his meconium, in fact so much of it he completely filled his lungs and was unable to breath at all. He had to be assisted with his breathing by having two tubes down his mouth, one tube to suck the meconium out and the other to start to slowly push air into his lungs. But unfortunately he did not have that initial big gasp of breath and he spent his first week in intensive care. Having read 'The Significance of Touch' for my baby yoga diploma, I stroked and massaged him through his incubator. After a few days, he had made a good enough recovery for me to cuddle him but they were still concerned that his breathing was too fast. So when holding him on my chest, I used my yoga breath, breathing very slowly, deeply and loudly so that my breath was the dominant one. He picked up on the pace of my breath and very slowly you could see on the monitor that his breathing would slow down. Over a period of time, with much perseverance, I slowly taught him, through my own breathing, to breath properly and the hospital staff were absolutely astonished. He is now just over 3 months old and just loves his baby yoga. I wanted to share my special story with you because with thanks to my Birthlight training, I was able to assist my beautiful little boy with his recovery. So it just goes to show just how amazing 'The Mother's Breath' is.

Alexandra Glanville - Professora de Yoga